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Journey through Saimaa Lakeland

Fairest of them all

Saimaa is the largest continuous lake district in Europe; a huge blue and green mosaic of 120 lakes and 14,000 verdant islands. Water routes amongst the breath-taking scenery form a network for enjoyable cruises to Eastern Finland's joyful and lively towns. You can start your trip to the world's most beautiful lake environment by ship all the way from the Gulf of Finland.

The vastness of Saimaa Lakeland takes your breath away

Its size becomes more tangible by comparing some facts. The labyrinth of Saimaa Lakeland archipelago has mind-boggling 14,850 kilometres of shoreline, which is 5 times more than Thailand, twice as much as Brazil, and nearly as much as the North American Great Lakes together! Natural environment of Saimaa Lakeland is an endless source of things to see and admire. (Source: