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The city of Vyborg is located at the remotest corner of the Vyborg Bay that opens to the Gulf of Finland. Vyborg marks the southernmost spot of the Saimaa Canal on Russian side of the border. The city is split with two straits in the east and west.

Located on an island in the eastern Castle Strait is the Vyborg castle, which was founded in 1293. Today the castle is a museum.

On the island west of the Castle strait is the famous Monrepos Park, whereas the old centre of Vyborg is situated on a cape to the east of the Castle strait with centuries old architecture.

Old Vyborg is under diligent restoration in which also Finns have taken part in the Monrepos Park, the castle, and the Vyborg library that has been designed by Alvar Aalto. The restoration work continues in different parts of the town.

Vyborg has a long and colourful history. As a part of independent Finland Vyborg was an international and lively cultural and garrison town, which was the second largest city in Finland (nearly 85,000 inhabitants in 1937) and the busiest commercial city.

Even today, Vyborg offers many cultural and other events as well as lovely little boutiques and departments stores with bargain prices. In addition, there are many historical sights, idyllic cafés and restaurants, the most famous of which is in the Round Tower built under orders from Gustaf Wasa.


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