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Vehmersalmi municipality became a part of the city of Kuopio in 2005. Together the two make up a versatile urban centre of 90,000 inhabitants. The centre of Vehmersalmi is located at a distance of 49km from central Kuopio. The nearest airport is 35km away from Vehmersalmi, and the railway station is 49km away. Nationally renown water route, the Heinävesi route passes Vehmersalmi. Lake ships with white broadsides still travel from Kuopio to Savonlinna via Vehmersalmi. Over third of Vehmersalmi's area, roughly 200km2, is water and the shoreline stretches to 890km.

Many of those residing in Vehmersalmi are still living off the lake, and many more are fishing just for the great experience. Suvasvesi and Etelä-Kallavesi lake basins have generous salmon and trout population and offer a great opportunity for recreational fishing. Vehmersalmi offers cabin accommodation around the year. Restaurant services are available in Ritoniemi and the village centre. Architect Josef Stenbäck has designed the national romantic church of Vehmersalmi. Vehmersalmi museum sheds light on the local history. The museum is open in summer, as well as the open-air theatre in Syvähiekka.


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