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The Taipale canal

The Taipale canal is a 500 m lock canal in Varkaus, between lakes Unnukka and Haukivesi, and it is a part of the Saimaa deep canal stretching from Savonlinna all the way to Kuopio and Siilinjärvi. The canals in Taipale and Konnus were built at the same time and these two canals were the first lock canals that the Finnish government had built. Finishing the two northernmost lock canals in the world had also national significance, as Finland belonged to Russia at the time.

The first Taipale canal, built in 1835-40 was the first canal in Finland with lock gates. The canal was modernised as early as 1867-71, and during the second modernisation in 1962-67, the canal was re-routed and the old canal was left to remind of the past.

Canal Museum

Operating under Finnish Maritime Administration, the Taipale Canal Museum houses an exhibition of the history of water routes and canals. In addition, there is a guided path that travels along the banks of the old and new canals. The Canal Museum also has a café and a handicraft workshop.


The Finnish Maritime Administration