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The Lappeenranta region

The surroundings of Lappeenranta had permanent settlements as early as the Iron Age. In the 17th century, Lappeenranta became a nationally important centre for tar sales, thanks to its suitable location along the important water routes and roads. Lappeenranta received town rights in 1649, and the town's crest featuring a primitive man with a club originates from that time. The lively market place first became an industrial town, and later it also gained a university. Today Lappeenranta is a versatile regional centre, which drives the growth of the South-Eastern Finland.

Lappeenranta is famous for its friendly and mellow people. The town is a lively combination of beautiful nature and bubbly, Carelian temperament. Located in the largest lake district in Finland, Lappeenranta and its vast surrounding countryside welcomes tourists to explore, relax and enjoy! The top attractions of Lappeenranta include the historical fortress and in summer, the great sand castle.

The Lappeenranta region

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The Imatra region

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