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The Konnus canal

The 250 meter long Konnus canal combines lakes Kallavesi and Unnukka. Its history entwines with that of the Taipale canal, as the two canals were built at the same time on the route between Savonlinna and Kuopio. In addition, these two canals were the first lock canals that the Finnish government had built. Finishing the two northernmost lock canals in the world had also national significance, as Finland belonged to Russia at the time.

The first Konnus canal was built in 1836-41 and the other, 1865-68. Later in 1967 the first plans emerged for a deep route between Savonlinna and Kuopio. The old Konnus canal could not be used for timber floating, and the lock that had been built specially for timber floating in 1917-19 was no longer fast enough for modern needs. Therefore a new lock was built in Konnus in 1968-71.

In addition to the busy, new lock the Konnus canal area also encompasses the two old canals and the protected Konnus rapids. Services include a restaurant, a timber floating museum and fishing spots with wooden shelters and a place for a camp-fire. The Konnus canal area shows the many faces of water traffic history.


The Finnish Maritime Administration