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Sulkava is a peaceful municipality next to Saimaa Lakeland. The place is renowned for its great rowing race and other lively events, not to mention the magnificent nature. There are various events for fishermen, boaters, cyclists and families with children, culture lovers and those who love to dance.

Sulkava's unspoiled and peaceful nature is perfect for canoeing, hiking, and cycling on marked routes. The Sulkava Rowing Race held in July each year has many categories according to age, gender and shape. The most beautiful sceneries in Sulkava can be found at Linnavuori hill and Vilkaharju esker.

Sulkava Tourist information

Sulkavan kunta
puh. (015) 73 911
Kahvila-Puoti Alina
Alanteentie 28, Sulkava
Tel +358 (0)400 856 517,
+358 (0)15 739 1236


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