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The Savonlinna region

Famous cultural town of Savonlinna is located at the heart of Europe's largest lake district. Savonlinna is especially known for its Opera Festival, the best internationally known festival in Finland. The Savonlinna region is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful and diversified scenery of Saimaa Lakeland. Savonlinna and its surrounding municipalities offer perfect opportunities for all kinds of holiday seekers.

Erik Axelsson Tott founded the Olavinlinna castle on an island in the Kyrönsalmi strait in 1475. Named after St. Olof, the castle was built on the eastern border to protect Sweden from Russia. A small community began to grow on the Vääräsaari Island next to the castle, which was pronounced a town in 1639 by the Swedish Governor-General Pietari Brahe. This marked the beginning of the town of Savonlinna.

The town's development was speeded up in the beginning of the 20th century along the launch of a spa and sawmill industry. Furthermore, opening of the Saimaa canal and a new railroad added momentum, and Savonlinna soon became the centre of Saimaa Lakeland´s ship traffic.


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