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Rantasalmi stretches along the shores of Lake Haukivesi; it is one of Finnish inland municipalities with the greatest water area, with over 40 per cent of its area consisting of lakes and lakelets. From many hill tops there is a magnificent view over the green valleys and verdant islands scattered over the blue lakes. No wonder that Rantasalmi has plenty of holiday homes.

Many activities in Rantasalmi include taking sauna baths, swimming in a lake, fishing, hunting, boating, canoeing, rowing a multi-oar church boat, camping, golfing, climbing, cycling, hiking, bird watching, and visiting museums, open-air theatre and events. Rantasalmi is an easy-going holiday spot with plenty of activities to choose from!

Tourist information:

Rantasalmen Matkailu ry
Ohitustie 7,
58900 Rantasalmi
Tel +358 (0)50 431 0525