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Oravi is an idyllic canal village on the narrow neck of land between lakes Haukivesi and Joutenvesi in Savonlinna. Oravi has traditionally lived off the water traffic: the first canal was built as early as 1861. The Oravi canal makes the route from Savonlinna to Joensuu 35 kilometres shorter.

Oravi is a perfect starting point for canoeing in the labyrinth of Saimaa archipelago, the habitat of the Saimaa ringed seal and osprey, as the Linnansaari National Park with its lakes and islands stretches all the way to the southern side of the Oravi village. The Kolovesi National Park is a day's paddling away from Oravi, at the distance of roughly 20 kilometres north. The route to Kolovesi travels through Joutenvesi's wilderness with narrow bays and straits.