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Leppävirta is the southernmost municipality in the Kuopio region, 50km from Kuopio. The nearest airport is in Varkaus, 35km away, and a railway station is 24km away. Leppävirta lies in the bosom of beautiful lake district, and it has been singled out as Finland's most favourable municipality in its category. Those arriving by car have an easy access via road 5, whereas boats can arrive along the Saimaa deep canal.

Spa Hotel Vesileppis houses a spa, exercise services, a hotel, restaurants and an indoor ice-skating rink under the same roof. In the vicinity, there is a great skiing arena / multipurpose centre Kymppi Arena. Those who opt for cabin accommodation can choose from many top-quality service providers. Activities include golf, riding, canoeing, fishing and cross-country skiing.

Tourist information:

Matkailukeskus Unnukka
FI-79100 Leppävirta
Tel: +358 (0)17 554 2970


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