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Kuopio region

Located at the heart of Eastern Finland, the Kuopio region consists of four municipalities: Karttula, Kuopio, Maaninka and Siilinjärvi. The region with total of 118,000 inhabitants is a diversified living environment and an interesting place to visit. The Kuopio region is renowned for its magnificent nature, high-level cultural life and esteemed university.

Unspoiled nature and eventful cultural offerings make the Kuopio region an excellent place to visit. In the region, you have access to the highest rapids in Finland, modern dance and wonderful spas. In the winter, the Kuopio region offers downhill skiing, ice-skating and cross-country skiing. You can find both soothing countryside and urban culture in the region.

The Kuopio region has been among the most popular tourist regions in Finland for years. You can fly from Helsinki to the outskirts of Kuopio in less than an hour. The same trip takes a couple of hours by train or by car. Tourism is an important trade in the Kuopio region. In the summer, the region offers an attractive array of events, cruises, open-air theatre, fishing, golf and lovely taste of the famous local delicacy kalakukko dish. In winter season, the Kuopio region treats fans of winter activities with abundant choice of things to do. The cultural supply is in bloom in summertime.


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